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Computer Science & Engineering Across Campus

Traditional CS classroom learning has a growing capacity problem. Additionally, the pace of instruction is fixed and can only serve specific student needs one-by-one. Our platform allows all students + mentors to access learning at their own pace, using cloud-based resources at any time, on any machine, for any purpose imagined.

OYO Opportunity Model

= On-campus Mentors/ Internships
= Professor Fellowships
= Student Mentorship - K12 Mentor Service Opportunity

Tools & Methods

Creative computing requires tools & methods of skill development. Our platform provides editors for multiple programming languages, domain names + web hosting, learning apps, publishing tools, course + challenge + badge + learning pathway creation tools & methods of personalized learning management.

Data Controls

All data created within personal learning projects is accessible and portable, even after graduation for alumni. Data portability allows you to take your website with you to a new host at any time, to download your Python projects, to manage your portfolio, to choose what you make visible and what you keep hidden, and to set your own open source or closed source Terms for project work.

Community Opportunities

Carry your own weight, service your own needs. Our solution enables on-campus jobs and internships for mentors, professor fellowships, partner revenue sharing, and even mentor opportunities to serve K12 classrooms surrounding your University campus.

Learning Repository

Build learning resources across campus, across domains of study, across time.. and maintain access for both current and future learners. Courses, Challenges with mentor feedback loops, Badges with embedded evidence documenting skills, custom learning pathways sequencing skill development, creative project work and events aimed at spurring creativity. Its all inside your community learning repository.

Event Management

Host live skill-based training events, hackathons, community engagement sessions and more! Sell tickets, manage registrations, email participants, and publish information pages for your community and the public to access as desired.

Campus Configurations

Create co-manager roles and assign custom permissions based on role individuals will serve on campus. Students, mentors, admin, professors, alumni and guests can all serve custom roles ongoing, or during one-time events. Connected communities enable sharing of resources between colleges, departments and schools.


Track community performance and engagement, and find popular trends in new learning offerings. Learning activity can be sorted and parsed based on date ranges, custom social groupings, and specific learning pathways with challenges and badge earning data tracked for each member of your community.

Custom Deployments

Our team builds custom tools and services based on need/value, collaborates on grants, and consults on various topics with partners. In the end, our platformis full service, and then some!

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