CSE Mentors

Computer Science / Engineering mentors play an important role in our system.

OYOclass deploys a sustainable Peer Learning System with mentors.


What Do CSE Mentors Do?

Provide Feedback

Our mentors enable a personal learning feedback loop for skill development in Coding/Comp Sci/Engineering

Create Courseware

Every Area of Study Computes! Our mentors build learning opportunities across curriculum, topics of interest, operating systems, language types, and campuses!

Volunteer Help

Building skills & projects takes time, patience, resolve and often "Help!". Mentors volunteer to help learners progress & earn rewards for their contributions.

Why Become A Mentor?

Certified Mentors

Receive training to mentor early learners from pre-K through 12th grade AP Comp Sci classes, and onto University campuses. Boost your resume while solving one of the major challenges of our time: Access to skilled CSE mentors for ALL

Empower Society

Think you know your stuff? Teaching improves Learning! Employers love to hire people with advanced skills who can break down complex topics into simple terms everyone can understand. Society needs your help!

Earn Rewards

Our roots as mentors are as volunteers, and now those efforts to share skills, feedback, support, patience & enthusiasm for learning complex subjects earn monetary rewards! Our Mentor Token™ empowers the learning feedback loop between students & mentors!

Mentors Are Saying

Vincent Cramer

CS Major, Farmingdale State College / Jzanus LTD

" Being a part of kidOYO has allowed me to make new friends and refine my own coding techniques while helping others. When working here, you're improving yourself and the next generation. "

Laura Mun

CS Major, Stony Brook University / Decoded

" I love being able to lead by example and show little girls that they can combine interests other than gaming, such as design, with programming, a role model I wish I had when I was their age. "

Marisa Depasquale

CS & Psychology Major, Stony Brook University / 360 View

" As a mentor at kidOYO, I can definitively say that kidOYO nourishes and embraces learning in every way, shape, and form. Students learn how to code and, additionally, how to collaborate with others and utilize their creativity in a judgement free environment. The more we teach, the more we learn about our kids, co-workers, and selves. This aspect is what makes kidOYO so unique and inviting. "

Rahul Sondhi

CS & Business Major, Stony Brook University

" ... Through the mentor program, mentors bring their experience in learning the same exact topics to the table ... As a mentor, you impart the true ways of learning to those younger than you to help mold the future of the tech world ... The most rewarding part of being a mentor is when you see your students use their newfound knowledge to create things they didn't even think possible for them. That proud feeling and their reactions are forever priceless. "

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Richard Sharrott

CS Major, NY Institute of Technology / Comcast

" As a kidOYO mentor, I can create opportunities for students to learn through a new medium. I can focus on delivering my programming knowledge to a group of diverse and talented programmers. I look forward to the innovations they will assuredly spur. I am looking forward to tomorrow. "

Michael Davola

Masters in Educational Technologies, Hofstra University / Garden City Public Schools Teacher

" What I like about kidOYO is that it's a community that can be taken outside of the typical classroom. Once the camp ends there are still opportunities to communicate and share ideas on the platform. What's great is that I am surrounded be mentors and students that all have different skills and talents which allow us to work together, fail together, and grow together. "

Layla Baroudi

CS Major, Stony Brook University / Citi

" I love being a kidOYO mentor because I am helping the next generation of students find their passion in computer science. It is such a fulfilling experience watching a young student use code creatively to make their ideas come alive. The work we do here is invaluable! I wish I had kidOYO as a child. "

Isabelle Greenberg

CS Major, Stony Brook University

" Being a kidOYO mentor is an amazing experience. My favorite part is when I see a lesson click with the students, and they have a eureka moment where it all makes sense. Seeing them get it, and then apply it to whatever wacky idea they have, is a blast! It’s also so much fun mixing up my teaching with games/activities. "

Adam Farnessa

CS Major, Pace University

"Being a kidOYO mentor feels like it's teaching kids what they really want to learn. Teaching valuable skills that will help them no matter where they go is really important to me. And we have a lot of fun along the way."

Jia Li

CS Major, Stony Brook University / Estee Lauder Companies Inc.

" Being a kidOYO mentor helps me see coding in a new way. Coding is more than just creating a functional program. It is about being creative and going far beyond with the functions of a program. "

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