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Our Story

OYOclass provides a unique suite of learning tools and curriculum resources for instructing computer science (coding), engineering (making) and entrepreneurship (owning) outcomes that students are motivated by.

OYOclass was created by kidOYO® (Own Your Own) as a means of delivering live instructional events more effectively and providing schools and organizations with a more effective means of delivering CS/Engineering instruction to all students. Working with schools, University partners, public libraries and mentors from local communities, the need for easy to deploy tools, and methods of instruction enabling collaboration and self-led discovery is crucial to the delivery of effective programs.

KidOYO has worked with many many thousands of young people, families, mentors and teachers over the years in live instructional events, and the OYOclass platform has been custom built and tested in these high intensity learning environments to provide a superior learning experience. At the core of our efforts has always been the idea that young people need a safe space where they can engage the real world using real world tools aimed at professional quality results, while being free from advertising, data exploitation, or business models that shift in time and change how past efforts function today.

OYOclass and kidOYO are dedicated to delivering education at the speed of students for the future world arriving daily!



Every class builds community. Lead as teacher, mentor or student. Get connected, share resources, manage your connections.


Real world skills require real world tools. Inspire creativity with code editors, create challenges, earn badges, write blogs, discussion threads and more!


Each class is mobile-device friendly, connect from anywhere and participate on the go as student, teacher or mentor.


Create and share your own lessons, quizzes, presentations and handouts. Collaborate and access lesson resources in open courseware library.


Install web-based apps with a single button click. Build Python apps, host web pages, provision web domains, drag'n drop coding, Java, Ruby, C++ programs & more!

Own Your Own

Your class, your rules. Private, secure, open to personal customization, and scalable to the needs of districts, large communities or independent classes.

Leaders Are Saying

The future of education is here, its name is coding. Schools that do not engage ALL students in this language are doing children a disservice.

Dr. Michael P. Nagler
- Superintendent, Mineola Union Free School District, League of Innovative Schools, Mineola, New York

Our partnership with OYOclass has been a tremendous benefit for our students. Our students are both enriched and empowered through the interactive and personalized coding experiences provided by kidOYO. kidOYO’s ability to allow students to proceed and learn at their own pace has really given our teachers a powerful way to provide a differentiated experience for students. We look forward to continuing and expanding our partnership to afford our students a rewarding and challenging experience!

Matthew Gaven
- Principal, Mineola Middle School, Apple Distinguished School

I feel so fortunate to work in a school district that realizes the benefits of teaching computer science to ALL students. The OYOclass platform eliminates the gender/race divide that could potentially exist when you teach in a club/after school setting and it truly levels the playing field for boys and girls alike because coding is interwoven into the mainstream curriculum in a classroom setting.

Jennifer Dralle-Moreano
- Library Media Specialist, Mineola Union Free School District, NY, Grades 3-4, Jackson Avenue Elementary

OYOclass gives students individual access to a platform where they can create their own coding learning path. Students can take self guided challenges, have their work checked by an expert that monitors the platform, and be awarded digital badges.

Whittney Smith
- Ed.D. | Principal, Mineola High School

I have had the best time watching my students work through the OYOclass Maze Code app to earn their first badge! They are extremely persistent while trying to solve the code. Their excitement when they beat it was indescribable! We are having a great time!

Katelynn Schmidt
- Elementary Science Teacher, Mineola Union Free School District, NY, Grades K-2, Meadow Drive Elementary

OYOclass has been an invaluable tool. By eliminating barriers of tool setup across different build platforms, it allows mentors and teachers to get to the meat of creating and manipulating code with students, which all ages can enjoy and get engaged by. Students are able to easily collaborate and take their creations with them, creating a great sense of ownership.

Elliott Sperlazza
Senior Consultant, Red Hat, Founder/Lead Mentor,

FredxCoders and their OYOclass platform has given my students a digital space to learn coding skills such as Html, Python, Javascript and Scratch. Using the intuitive and easy to use platform, my students build their own web pages to customize with content across multiple classes. They can personalize their space and own their own piece of the web. It's a great tool for promoting digital skills in our library and for giving students the opportunity to make something awesome.

Nathan Sekinger
NBCT, School Librarian, Gayle Middle School, Fredericksburg, VA

Coding is fun. Spending the first half of a class, if not more, doing setup is not. The OYOclass platform eliminates this tedious step so that we can get to the good part without losing the kids' attention before we even had it. With OYOclass, kids are sitting down and coding faster than ever. Couple that with the ability to access their projects, courses, and teachers/mentors from any computer with an internet connection, and you've got yourself the next great thing in education.

Alex Hart
Senior Network Automation Engineer, Salesforce, Lead Mentor at FredxCoders

OYOclass is a perfect platform to bring leaders and mentors together with kids to share creative ideas. It encourages kids to try to tackle the next challenge and rewards them with cool badges.

Rich Saupe
Champion/Lead Mentor, Boro Dojo, Murfreesboro, TN

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