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Tools & Methods

Creative computing requires tools & methods of skill development. Our platform provides editors for multiple programming languages, domain names + web hosting, learning apps, publishing tools, course + challenge + badge + learning pathway creation tools & methods of personalized learning management.

Data Controls

All data created within personal learning projects is accessible and portable, even after graduation for alumni. Data portability allows you to take your website with you to a new host at any time, to download your Python projects, to manage your portfolio, to choose what you make visible and what you keep hidden, and to set your own open source or closed source Terms for project work.

Mentor Support

Carry your own weight, service your own needs. Our platform enables skilled mentors to work with teachers and schools to help progress the skills of diverse learners. Need Scratch, Python, Java, Javascript and C language support in your K-12 classrooms? Certified mentors bring diverse skills to any classroom, enabling both beginners and advanced learners to progress skills at their own pace.

Learning Repository

Build learning resources across your district, across domains of study, across time.. and maintain access for both current and future learners. Courses, Challenges with mentor feedback loops, Badges with embedded evidence documenting skills, custom learning pathways sequencing skill development, creative project work and events aimed at spurring creativity. Its all inside your community learning repository.

Event Management

Host live skill-based training events, hackathons, community engagement sessions and more! Sell tickets, manage registrations, email participants, and publish information pages for your community and the public to access as desired.

Co-Manager Permissions

Create co-manager roles and assign custom permissions based on role individuals will serve in your district. Students, mentors, admin, teachers, alumni and guests can all serve custom roles ongoing, or during one-time events. Connected communities enable sharing of resources between districts, departments and schools.


Track community performance and engagement, and find popular trends in new learning offerings. Learning activity can be sorted and parsed based on date ranges, custom social groupings, and specific learning pathways with challenges and badge earning data tracked for each member of your community.

Custom Deployments

Our team builds custom tools and services based on need/value, collaborates on grants, and consults on various topics with partners. In the end, our platform is full service, and then some!

Leaders Are Saying

Dara Perlow

STELLAR Teacher, George Washington Elementary WHUFSD, New York

" I just wanted to let you know that I was blown away by today's session with (kidOYO's Mentor) Doug! The students in this club come from all different levels of learning and each one was able to complete the Iron Man Sprite. His teaching abilitiy and mannerism with the students should be highly commended. At the end of a very long day to have 21 sixth graders sitting and engadged in their task is a very impressive feat! I can't wait until we scheduled another session!!! "

Audra Beberman

Technology Integration Specialist, East Williston, NY

" ... This is a win for us as teachers to watch them succeed as their minds expand, and a win for the future of computer science & engineering - and, hopefully, the world. "

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Veronica Otero

AP Computer Science Teacher, Plainview Old Bethpage School District, New York

" I want to thank you for everything you have done for these students in preparation for the AP (Computer Science) Exam. I spoke to many of the students and they felt well prepared for the exam because of kidOYO! "

Alex Abanavas

Middle School Teacher, East Meadow School District, New York

" I just want to thank you first for all your help with kidOYO over the years. It has made the transition to online learning extremely smooth for me and my students. ... Thanks again with everything with kidOYO, it's making online learning so much easier for me and my students (I also have more students than ever before earning Hatch! Mastery Badges)! "

Chris Attard

Middle School Computer Teacher, Bethpage School District, New York

" Thank you for the PD. I am excited about the new features and kidOYO/OYOclass has been a HUGE help in this current learning environment [COVID-19]. "

Paula Engle

Middle School Coding Teacher, Plainview - Old Bethpage School District, New York

" I want to thank you and the kidOYO staff for your support during the past few months as my students and I took on a new and exciting coding experience. It was a joy to see a light go on in so many of my students as we all discovered a new skill and ran with it. The kidOYO program is amazing; its success clearly stems from the interaction and encouragement from your staff. Teaching coding "remotely" presents unique challenges, but the kids were so adaptable and willing to take risks. On a personal level, I had to work so hard just to keep a step ahead of the kids in class, but I loved every minute, and I am so proud of completing Level 1 Hatch! Now I know I can continue to guide and support the kids, even after the course finishes today. "

Matt Gaven

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction & Technology, Mineola, NY

" kidOYO is a dynamic platform that allows students to pursue their passion, develop coding skills, and ultimately take charge of their own learning. kidOYO is flexible to accommodate all levels of learners ... if you have never coded before, it will work for you ... if you are an experienced coder, OYO is robust enough to provide you with the opportunity to learn even more ... Partnering with kidOYO has been one of the best decisions we have ever made. "

Jennifer Washington

Elementary Teacher, Harborfields, NY

" ... This platform has truly transformed the way students (and teachers), access and create projects. kidOYO fosters collaboration and creativity in such a natural way ... "

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Daniel Stiglitz

Teacher, Bellmore-Merrick, NY

" When we started our search for a coding platform the idea of creative coding wasn’t even in our minds. Using kidOYO we have created a community of coders that are not only creating great projects they are doing at their own pace in their own way. ... My students have exceeded all of our expectations and they are having a great time doing it and kidOYO has been the catalyst that sparked it. "

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Brian Ferrera

Teacher, Hauppauge, NY

" This platform not only engages students with fun, interactive apps in multiple coding languages, but does so in a way that allows students to learn at their own speed, in their own way, and create programs in any style they want. ... The people at kidOYO are not selling you a platform and disappearing, they are helping to enhance your classroom by becoming involved in all aspects from instruction to implementation to assessment and follow-up. Every coding teacher needs this. "

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Dr. Rory Manning

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction and Administration, Harborfields, NY

" ... In less than a year of implementation, the kidOYO platform [OYOclass] has empowered our students to take ownership of their learning. Once empowered, our students have exhibited new levels of confidence in their abilities across all content areas resulting in significant academic gains. This was an outcome we never would have expected and I would understand if it sounds unbelievable to those on the outside. We welcome any district officials to come see for themselves. Just give us a call! "

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Lauren Goldfarb

MS Coding Teacher, Mineola

" Working with kidOYO has been a great experience. Because of the user friendly layout and quick turnaround by the mentors, I have had over 250 students master the first level of the Scratch coding language. "

Frank Hufnagel

HS Computer Teacher, Hauppauge, New York

" When asked how OYOclass has played a role in HPS_Eagles (Hauppauge Schools) distance-learning, here is a response from one of my students: "It made it a rather seamless and easy transition. By far the easiest class to be translated into virtual learning that I experienced". "

Michelle Burget

Principal, Syosset, NY

" Schools today must embrace the role of augmented intelligence in our students’ lives and prepare them for a socio-economic future that looks vastly different from the past by ensuring that all students develop a blend of skills including creativity, compassion, and complex reasoning ... Connecting our adolescent humans and their huge, as-yet unformed ideas for their future world with the kidOYO platform [OYOclass] is magic! "

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Ed Kemnitzer

Director of Technology, Innovation and Information Services, East Williston, NY

" ... With access to the coding platform, students have passionately heightened their skills while in school and also at home. With expert assistance from the kidOYO mentors, our students are comfortable in knowing there is always a guide on the side. I can’t imagine leveraging a K-12 coding platform without access to kidOYO. "

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Briana Becker

Physics & Comp Sci Teacher, Hauppauge, NY

" ... The motivation and excitement I see from my high school students when they earn another badge or get feedback from a mentor is unlike I have seen in the past ... "

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