OYOclass Privacy Policy

We built OYOclass so people like you could create or join learning and teaching communities. To make this happen, we collect some information for our users. The OYOclass Team understands how important privacy is to our communities, especially kids and parents. We wrote this privacy policy to explain what information we collect, how we use it, and what we're doing to keep it safe. If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, you can contact us.

Please DO NOT share personal identifiable information (PII), such as your physical address, email address, phone number, or anything else that can be used to make contact outside of the OYOclass platform. Please report projects, comments, or discussion posts that contain this kind of information so the OYOclass team can remove it, and please remind the author of our policy to protect the privacy of all account owners.

What information does OYOclass collect about me?

Account Information: In order to create or join a community, you need to make an account. During account creation, we ask you to define a sign-in name, an accurate email address (or your parent or guardian's email address if you are under 13 years old), and a password for securely accessing your account. There is no requirement that you use a sign-in name that correlates to your legal name or other format that could be used to identify you generally, and we suggest that you use a sign-in name known only to you, and that you keep this information private and secure personally also. Your sign-in name will only be used by you to sign-in to the OYOclass platform and access our services, and will not be used to publicly identify you within the platform.

If you subscribe to a mailing list of a community which is built with OYOclass, your email for subscription can be viewed by the creator (owner) of that community, as this information is necessary for the community owner to keep you updated on requested information. If you are a community owner, you are responsible for protecting and using subscriber emails to provide requested information resources, and not spamming them with abusive content.

User-generated Content:

For all OYOclass account owners, you will be provided with a profile and portfolio that you may customize for your own purposes, and these shall contain an optional avatar portait, your display alias, skill listings, project work, biography information and custom information you choose to store on the OYOclass servers as a representation of your learning activities, which can be viewed by others based on your setting of view permissions. At all times, you will maintain control and responsibility for the accurate representation of your own personally defined and shared information, and may alter this information, and its visibility at any time personally. All personal data representing your learning and publishing activities shall persist within OYOclass servers until such time as you choose to download and/or delete such data personally. As an OYOclass account owner, the portability and right to delete personal information remains under your personal control at all times;

Parents may request access to student accounts at any time, for inspection of learning and publishing activities. As of the latest update to this privacy policy, and in recognition of the laws of the States we conduct business within, OYOclass.com Agrees to provide remedies for parents to enforce the protection of student data in all cases where need is present and identified. OYOclass.com learning platform is proactive in addressing the privacy protection of students, and to the greatest degree possible provides mechanisms of direct control, as well as instructional guidance to increase the digital literacy of all our platform users. It is the mission of our organization to increase digital literacy and personal data control in all of our interactions with young people, and work with parents to ensure the use of the tools in OYOclass platform are engaged as intended, and for the empowerment of students. Parents in New York should also reference the "Parents Bill of Rights for Data Privacy and Security", Education Law §2-d here: Parents Bill of Rights.

For community creators, all of your community data, including your community name, events, blogs, pages, email campaigns, courses, challenges, micro-credentials, discussion posts are also stored on the OYOclass servers. Other users can view your published blogs, events, forum posts, courses, along with your community name based on permissions that you define within your private community.

For community members, your joined communities, membership, joined events, discussion posts are stored on the OYOclass servers, and can be viewed by others within these communities.

The OYOclass Team is responsible for moderation of community activities, and maintains access to all content stored on the OYOclass servers, including unpublished content, so that we may assist community owners and members from time to time as requested, or contractually obligated.

Usage Information: When you use OYOclass, our servers will automatically store a limited amount of information about how you use the website. This information includes a number that identifies your computer (the IP address), which pages you visited, and what browser you are using.

Analytics: In order to optimize our services, we also collect some data on where you click and which parts of the site you visit. This “click data” helps us figure out ways to improve the website. Information collected and processed includes the user’s IP address, network location, geographic location, web browser information and device information.

Cookies: When you visit the OYOclass website or OYOclass generated community website, it asks your browser to put an http "cookie" on your computer. The cookie is actually a small text file that our site can send to your browser for storage on your computer. This allows the website to remember that you are logged in when you go to a different page.

How does OYOclass use my information?

We will use your email address to respond to messages you send us or to communicate with you about OYOclass service or your account. Your email will allow you to administer password reminders and sign-in name reminders when you require assistance.

If we detect repeated abusive behavior from your account or IP address, we may share your account name, IP address, and the time and content of the abusive behavior with the IP address owner (such as a school or internet service provider).

We may use de-identified location, age, gender, and usage data in our own internal research studies intended to improve our understanding of how people learn with OYOclass, for the purpose of improving our tools.

We may disclose some information we collect to third-party service providers that help us manage communications to and from OYOclass website and improve website performance. We remain vigilant to ensure that these service providers have privacy policies that restrict them from further disclosing any of the information disclosed in providing their services. No personally identifiable information shall be disclosed in these activities.

How can I update my personal information?

You can update your password, email address, and alias information through the Account Settings page. You can also reset your password through the Password Reset page. Additionally, all of your personal learning activities and any project-based data can be updated on your profile and portfolio pages, as well as in the editors wherein this data is created and managed personally.

How does OYOclass protect my information?

OYOclass has in place physical and electronic procedures to protect the information we collect on OYOclass website. We strictly limit individual access to the OYOclass servers and the data we store on them. However, as effective as these measures are, no security system is impenetrable. We cannot completely guarantee the security of our database, nor can we guarantee that the information you supply will not be intercepted while being transmitted to us over the Internet. We utilize https encryption methods to protect data in transit, respect DNT browser settings to provide users control of how they are tracked through the use of cookies, and backup all data to provide redundant security and integrity for all account owners personal data.

Notifications of Changes to the Privacy Policy

We review our security measures and Privacy Policy on a periodic basis, and we may modify our policies as appropriate. We may also change or update our Privacy Policy if we add new services or features. If we make any changes to our privacy practices, we will amend this Privacy Policy accordingly and post the amended policy on OYOclass website. We encourage you to review our Privacy Policy on a regular basis.

Last change: 3.28.2017