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Over 20 cloud-based apps enable early learners to engage programming skill development at their own pace in a secure environment. Language-specific code editors in Python, Java, Scratch, C# & more enable personal control over creative data at all times. Entrepreneurial planning and competitive hackathon apps enable social computing events and personal creativity without limits.

Curriculum Design Resources with LMS

Build your own learning system and custom design & manage your feedback loop with learners of all ages by constructing course content, skill-based challenges, sequential learning pathways and custom badges for documenting evidence of subject mastery.

Mentor Support System

Every learning community supports collaboration between students and mentors, with personal methods of instruction, roles and rules defined by community owners. Now you can bring the power of local + global mentor support to all the learning communities you create.

Live Event Management

Access tools for running live events, managing tickets, hosting event data, and coordinating the learning activities of a diverse community.

Publishing Tools

Markup pages, write collaborative blogs, send emails to your community, host private and public content on your custom domain, organize discussion threads and organize the learning activities of a diverse community.


Where is your community of learners focused? Where are they struggling? What about Individual learners.. how can mentors help students approach learning challenges? Challenges, badges and learning pathways provide insight into the process of learning, and keep mentors focused on improving learning outcomes.

Custom Role Permissioning

Teacher leaders, course designers, challenge feedback from mentors, administrators, internal team, external volunteers... every role can be custom defined with fine-grained permissioning controls. The entire platform can be accessed as a creative tool with contextual controls designed by community owners.

Learner Portfolios

Every account possesses their own portfolio for storing their micro-credentials (badges), displaying project work, and providing access to custom programs written for personal, school, or work purposes. All data remains under the control of account owners at all times.

Micro-Credentialing (Open Badges) System

Design, define and distribute micro-credentials to learners across your community. Informal and formal education can leverage badges to document the learning activities and evidence of skill development in micro-details. Any member of your community can design and define badges for any purpose deemed worthy.

Personal Data Control with Portability

OYO = Own Your Own… its our brand and mission. All personally creative app data, badges & portfolios may be downloaded to local machines, or hidden from public view. We even package up website files on custom domains for download at any time, so accounts may take their websites to new hosts as desired.

Leaders Are Saying

Dina Merolesi

Teacher, Manhasset School District, NY

" Finished the [OYOclass] hackathon. It was awesome. The parents said it was the best experience so far through all of this pandemic [COVID-19]. Kids were engaged every day by my wall posts waiting for boards to open and close...calling each other, laughing, strategizing, zoom teaching each other....they all loved it and so did we. "

Alexa Salzman

CS Teacher, East Meadow, New York

" My students and I have enjoyed working with OYO and the mentors. The students get so into the projects that when the mentors comment back they act like they know them personally. It is a great user friendly platform that I use every day in my class! I have had a student become a mentor for OYO and have current students aspiring to become them as well. I’m so happy I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with OYO. "

Frank Hufnagel

HS Computer Teacher, Hauppauge, New York

" When I was first told I would be teaching Coding to the students of Hauppauge High School, I was a little hesitant as I was uncertain of how to go about it. That was until I met Dev and Melora and experienced the OYOclass platform firsthand. Their passion to make coding accessible to everyone is evident in the well-designed platform and the skilled mentors they have on staff. The platform provides a section of courses that students can go through at their own pace ... The most rewarding part of OYOclass is that the students truly enjoy it and want to use it ... "

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Dara Perlow

STELLAR Teacher, George Washington Elementary WHUFSD, New York

" Today was wonderful!! Thank you to all of those mentors who helped create this event [OYOclass hackathon]. This really helped our students get into a Hackathon mindset! "

Alexa Salzman

Math & Computer Science Teacher, W.T. Clarke High School, New York

" Thank you so much! I wish everyone was as efficient as OYO! "

Matthew Gaven

Principal, Mineola Middle School, Apple Distinguished School, New York

"Our partnership with OYOclass has been a tremendous benefit for our students. Our students are both enriched and empowered through the interactive and personalized coding experiences ..."

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Sam Kruse

FIRST Robotics Advisor, Technology Teacher, Kings Park, New York

" ... Through numerous learning pathways, programming languages, and applications, students are always engaged and developing the technology literacy skills required for their future ... "

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Dr. Michael P. Nagler

Superintendent, Mineola Union Free School District, League of Innovative Schools, Mineola, New York

" Public education needs to take immediate action and embed Computer science and computational thinking in all curriculum areas. They are undeniable skills that everyone will encounter after high school. But, there is no pool of teachers that districts can hire to meet the demand. How do you do that when skills and personnel are limited in availability? You innovate! You create! And when you want to do that, you really need partners doing the same thing with you! That is why ‘OYO’ works.. because it finds willing innovators at all ages and empowers them in their world with tools and methods that are accessible for ALL. As a district leader, your top-performing leaders will always stand out... now they can stand out for/with ALL learners in your community.. students, teachers and even the local parents and volunteers who become mentors and give back.. ‘OYO’ works for everybody! "

Jennifer Dralle-Moreano

Library Media Specialist, Jackson Avenue Elementary, Mineola UFSD, New York

"I feel so fortunate to work in a school district that realizes the benefits of teaching computer science to ALL students. The OYOclass platform eliminates the gender/race divide that could potentially exist when you teach in a club/after school setting and it truly levels the playing field for boys and girls alike because coding is interwoven into the mainstream curriculum in a classroom setting."

Brian Ferrera

Coding Teacher, Hauppauge MS, New York

" Thank you for all this [OYOclass hackathon]. I look forward to it so immensely, basing a lot of the year around it. Really hope you know how much we all appreciate it. "

Lauren McHale

Teacher, Bellmore, New York

" ... The students are engaged in coding, starting with our youngest students in 2nd grade, through our oldest elementary school students in 6th. The students are excited to be learning and creating, and the mentors provide excellent feedback on their progress. "

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Elliott Sperlazza

Senior Consultant, Red Hat, Founder/Lead Mentor,

"OYOclass has been an invaluable tool. By eliminating barriers of tool setup across different build platforms, it allows mentors and teachers to get to the meat of creating and manipulating code with students, which all ages can enjoy and get engaged by. Students are able to easily collaborate and take their creations with them, creating a great sense of ownership."

Katelynn Schmidt

Elementary Science Teacher, Mineola UFSD, New York, Grades K-2, Meadow Drive Elementary

"I have had the best time watching my students work through the OYOclass Maze Code app to earn their first badge! They are extremely persistent while trying to solve the code. Their excitement when they beat it was indescribable! We are having a great time!"

Eileen Belushi

LMS PreK-2, Mineola School District, New York

"All the specials [teachers] in my school are talking about how you guys were lifesavers during this crisis [COVID-19]. Thanks again for all you do."

Diane Nodell

Teacher, Lower Elementary LMS, Mineola UFSD, New York

" I just have to tell you that my kindergarten superstar nearly fell over with excitement when I showed her the OYOclass ColorByCode app!! This little one has been working on her pathways during all of her free time because “this is so fun and I love coding!”. She is choosing to work on the app during her recess today — she’s smitten to say the least! "

Alex Hart

Senior Network Automation Engineer, Salesforce, Lead Mentor at FredxCoders

" With OYOclass, kids are sitting down and coding faster than ever. Couple that with the ability to access their projects, courses and teachers/mentors from any computer with an internet connection, and you've got yourself the next great thing in education. "

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